As part of our Web development Specializations in Holberton we had to redesign the classic spotify desktop application implementing new features to help one of three personas by improving his or her experience on the app.

I worked with Oumaymabou on this project and it was one of the best projects so far. We picked Alex a 28yo Student from Seattle, WA that wanted to focus less on choosing music and more on his studies. We’ve been introduced to Alex Via his story and User Journey Map, He seemed to be annoyed with the amount of time and effort he…

1- introduction:

CyberCell Coin is a blockchain powered cryptocurrency, let me first start with defining the term “Blockchain” & “Cryptocurrency”.
Blockchain is the source of the existence of many creations it is simply a digital record of transactions. The word Blockchain comes from the structure itself, in which blocks are being linked together in a single chain. Blockchains are used for many things in many fields like healthcare, retails, Energy… but it’s most famous in the financial services field with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Like the US Dollar, Euro the cryptocurrency is simply a medium of exchange, but is digital and…

Recursion is the process of repeating an act in a self-similar way. It is highly used in programming for it’s ability to break down problems. To understand the term Recursion more let’s break it down using an Example:

float _pow_recursion(float x, float y)
if (y == 0)
return (1);
if (y < 0)
return (_pow_recursion(x, y + 1) / x);

return (_pow_recursion(x, y - 1) * x);

The given algorithm calculates a number x taken to the power of y:
let’s make x = 3and y = 3. _pow_recursion(3, 3)

The second line checks to see if y

According to Statista, 4.66 billion people were active internet users as of October 2020, encompassing 59% of the global population and i’m sure that number will grow since we rely on the internet for just about pretty much everything: from checking emails, ordering food and clothes, calling Uber to investing and making some extra money on the side. the best thing about the internet is the fact that it’s so easy to use yet as a software engineer student I’m fascinated by the complexity of the behind the screens interactions.

In this article i will try to simplify what goes…

Living in the 21st century, Our planet has more connected devices than people. The Internet of things is transforming the way “we” as humans, businesses and governments, interact with the rest of the connected world, we are becoming closer we can have friends with all around the world, talk to them and even see them daily without having to travel the world, with one click we can be wherever we want whenever we want. So what is exactly Iot is it a good or dangerous thing and why is it so important?

What is the Internet of Things?

The internet of things is simply the billion…

Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning are taking the world by storm, dominating conversations about how machines can replace humans by providing a competitive advantage to businesses. The World is currently preparing to enter the fourth industrial revolution — the rise of the “intelligent machine.” At the heart of this revolution is Artificial Intelligence (AI), Mimicking human cognitive functions like problem-solving, learning and decision making using algorithms. From speed to efficiency, AI offers an abundance of benefits. Numerous sectors, including healthcare, automotive, defence and retail have already witnessed the game-changing impact of AI. Machine learning is a subset…

As we covered in a previous article everything in python is an object. To get started with this programming language you have to know that objects can either be mutable or immutable.

Lately I've been having so much fun learning Python. Compared to the C language Python is way easier to learn and this comes as a result of Guido Van Rossum’s concept of creating a programming language that’s “first-class everything” What it means that all the functions, classes, modules, methods and data types all have equal status.

And pretty much that’s why everything in Python is almost a class. What is a class you might ask? a class is a indented block of statements that contains attributes, properties, methods… an be used just like the built-in data types like dict int…

To make life easier we use Functions, functions are blocks of code that can be re-used to gain time, it removes the need to rewrite code over and over again and this is where libraries comes in hand it makes functions reusable in multiples programs.

So How Do libraries Work?

  • Static Library :
    we 1st need to compile the source files of the functions and depends on the platform the extension can be .o or .obj and anything else. Static libraries are a sort of a collection of object files. when we try to generate an executable the linker tries to resolve the referenced symbols by…

We came across ls in a previous article when we explained “ What happens when you type ls *.c”. However in this article we’re going to explain what really happens when you type ls- l.

ls is a Unix-related systems command that lists the contents of a directory. The -l on the other hand is known as an option or flag. We can find multiple options for ls, too many to list in fact, however the l in particular will allow ls to list the contents of a directory in “long format”. …


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